I’ve Moved

11 May

This is such a shameful post… My first year of illustration was a heck of a lot crazier than I had thought, so poor bloggie was left to the site. But I have many months free now, and I should get back into rambling mode with the words and such. 


Sooooo, if you haven’t lost all faith in me and my ability to blog, follow me over to the new blog for words and pictures and me saying possible silly things until I get back into the hang of writing properly again. And my new URL is way more fun too, but I’m still Bewitched, Bothered & Bespectacled, as always.


There’s also my artables on facebook and blogspot, and twitter too… I’m kind of all over the place. 


Anyhow, hello and goodbye 

Live Long & Prosper


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