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I’ve Moved

11 May

This is such a shameful post… My first year of illustration was a heck of a lot crazier than I had thought, so poor bloggie was left to the site. But I have many months free now, and I should get back into rambling mode with the words and such. 


Sooooo, if you haven’t lost all faith in me and my ability to blog, follow me over to the new blog for words and pictures and me saying possible silly things until I get back into the hang of writing properly again. And my new URL is way more fun too, but I’m still Bewitched, Bothered & Bespectacled, as always.


There’s also my artables on facebook and blogspot, and twitter too… I’m kind of all over the place. 


Anyhow, hello and goodbye 

Live Long & Prosper


Shameless Self Promotion

11 Oct

This is not quite an entry.. or one at all really!

I’ve just set up a Facebook page for Bewitched, Bothered & Bespectacled if any of y’all are on FB and wanna show some support and keep up to date with the blog.

And new followers on my twitter are, of course, always welcome!


New post soon!

Interview with Bitter Ruin

3 Oct

This isn’t so much a post, as a big arrow with words pointing you in the direction of Pop Culture Monster to read my interview with Bitter Ruin.

Also, yikes! There’s been a lull in activity this past week. Blame an intense week of college and not too much sleep. I’m working on that whole balancing act! Something should be up mighty soon, until then check out Pop Culture Monster where I also contribute. Or, of course, the awesomeness that is Geek Girl on the Street! They’ll both keep you satisfied while I’m off being a sleepy artist or what have you.

Take Flight

5 Aug

Growing up, enveloped by the wonderful world of Whedon, one of my favourite actresses was Juliet Landau. Her portrayal of Drusilla always amazed me and as I grew older, still without the boxsets, I longed for the reruns so I could once again enjoy the Spike & Dru experience. They remain to this day one of the fictional romances I hold dearest.


Following both Buffy and Angel, and my initial shock of hearing her actual accent, my fascination continued and I tried to stay updated with her projects. Among her many endeavours is Take Flight, which is a documentary about another immensely talented actor – and favourite of mine – Gary Oldman, as well as her directorial debut.

The whole thing came about when Oldman was directing a music video for Jewish Hip Hop group Chutzpah – shot on cell phones. He had asked Juliet to film a making of video, but this moved even further behind the scenes than originally planned. It became an in depth study of Oldman’s creative process. The cell phone cameras were used again and allowed for a lot of the film to be seen from his POV.

As part of this, Juliet interviewed some of her favourite artists to get a closer look at their creative processes. Through these talks, she delved into their minds and found out what goes into the things they create; the characters, the movies, the music and other pieces of art.

I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to actually sit and watch these videos. Until this afternoon I had only seen her chat with Armin Shimerman, which gives a delightful insight into the man. As well as Shimerman, we get to see Amy Acker, Christian Kane, Adam Busch, Harry Groener, Sam Anderson, Michael Rosenbaum, Andrea Romano, Kitty Swink, Kat Von D, David J and Dawn Didawick in a new light. Without a credit card to call my own, I’m yet to see the actual film, Take Flight, but I hope to see it at some stage.

These interviews are fantastic. I was so drawn into their stories and the way they spoke about their passions. In a world growing ever more jaded, especially given current events, it’s truly beautiful and special to hear people speak with such love and genuine excitement. It’s made all the more unique by the fact that they are people I also admire. They open up and don’t care about exposing everything they feel about their careers and those magical moments they’ve experienced along the way.

A few stood out to me in particular. Adam Busch was so alive, his eyes expressed so much. I was incredibly drawn to his words and seen a side to him I never knew about. Christian Kane made me laugh and broke my heart. He was so deeply honest and unashamed.

I sat and watched every one of those videos one after the other and took in everything.

Go and watch the interviews and, if you can, the film that inspired them – Take Flight.

Movin’ On Up!

5 Aug

So, this week I’ve been massively confused by my blog accounts… I accidentally set up a new page on my other one and then things got even more head-scratchy…

The result being that I’m moving my measely posts over to this account and trying to get rid of the chaos that has become that site!

I hope things work a bit better this time.


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