Oh, the Horror! – Recent & Upcoming Horror Movies

9 Apr

Maybe it was the early morning viewing of Frozen, or the news of Saw creators Leigh Whannell and James Wan visiting Dublin next week, but this afternoon I’m in the mood for some thrills and chills. So, with that in mind, I googled and waded my way through trailers and misleading fan-made videos to put together a list of some new and upcoming horror films. They’re certainly not all gems, very few, in fact, but the rest are good for a chuckle – I definitely had a good laugh watching some. Then there’s also some of that old gory goodness horror folks are mighty keen on. There are plenty others that I’m excited about, like Silent Hill 2, but there’s no trailers available yet. They’re not all my cup of tea, and maybe not yours, but you might spot something good amongst the mess below.

* Warning that nastiness may abound in trailers, as well as spoilers for any that are sequels *

I haven’t yet seen this, or the US remake Quarantine, but it definitely looks worth the watch. I like the use of handheld cameras to tell stories like this. When it’s done well, and with good reason, it can turn out quite well. Or it will just make you a bit dizzy and queasy. Well, in fairness, this may do that with a little help from the zombie creatures though.

Night of the Demons
The original has been on my ‘to watch’ list for a while now. Yes, it is another remake, but on first watch of the trailer I’m already excited to see it. It looks to be in keeping with the jokey feeling of the 80s and doesn’t take itself too seriously at all. I’m looking forward to this one.


The Silent House / La Casa Muda
I am incredibly excited about seeing this. One continuous shot. I remember being awed by that one take shot in Ong Bak, but a whole movie! (By the way, Tony Jaa owns….everything!) Effects and cues have to be right on target, lines delivered properly, everything or they have to go right back to the beginning! The mental journey the lead actress must go through could be brought right back to the beginning at any slip up. And I didn’t know until I watched this trailer that it was filmed on a camera phone too. My, we have come a long way! After reading a review singing its praises, I found one thing they touted as being a brand spanking new idea – her use of a Polaroid to light the way during one scene, giving us flashes of the horror. Something similar was used extensively in the video game Fatal Frame, as well as in Rear Window to a lesser extent.


Dylan Dog: Dead of Night
This. Looks. Wonderful. I’d seen a teaser trailer absolutely ages ago and had totally forgotten about it. It’s got ghouls and laughs by the bellyful! Zombie support groups, big baddies, what more could you want? Really?


30 Days of Night: Dark Days
I watched the first 30 Days of Night so long ago that I can’t remember anything of it. Except for blood and snow, but that’s a given. Whether I enjoyed it or not, this sequel looks watchable. I think it’s already out on DVD (I may have even seen it in the shop – clueless) but I only saw the trailer this morning so it goes on the list! I know there’s been a few other sequels, with Shawnee Smith I believe, but I do quite like the cast of this one; Kiele Sanchez, Mia Kirshner, Harold Perrineau and even Katherine Isabelle! I will be watching in the near future.


Chain Letter
Such a simple, and done, concept. I had a Point Horror book that followed the same kind of premise, but probably not as brutal. The text that flashed on the screen was a mite silly, and it rhymed in an overly trying way, but it could deliver a giggle, jump or scare.


The Descent: Part 2
I really enjoyed the first part of this franchise. It was atmospheric and claustrophobic, with mysterious flashes of the creatures that dwelled underground. In this part, the only survivor has to return. One thing I already like about this is that there is a good reason for there to be a sequel. Arising from the ground battered and bruised and missing all of your friends who were killed mysteriously would draw some attention and disbelief from the police. Getting to the bottom – all the way down to the bottom – of the matter seem logical.


And Soon The Darkness
Although I do pretty much blame them for what happens, it is still a terrifying premise. And it’s got Karl Urban. How could I say no to watching this? I believe it’s also a remake, and just check out the film poster on the imdb. A Perfect Getaway, anyone? (A smashing movie, I may add)


Amphibious 3D
Just…. just watch the trailer. I knew I had to include this when I seen the poster, before even watching the trailer. The very epitome of silly. And it’s in 3D!


Box of Shadows
Fantastic acting from some (note the sarcasm), but the idea is interesting. It made me think of Flatliners but with more physical ghosts than metaphorical ones.


13 Hours
The Brits know how to scare. This is from the folks behind the fantastic Dog Soldiers and looks to be just as action packed. The creature has me even more intrigued. I thought it was a werewolf, but a flash near the end has me thinking otherwise.. *intrigue*


Fading of the Cries
Ree. Dee. Que. Lus! I have no idea what is going on. She starts out far from home on this journey and the guy protecting her. Whaa? The acting, whaa? Some of the creatures do look pretty cool with some fantastic make-up effects but as for the digital effects… Note to movie makers, if you cannot make something look good digitally, don’t use it in abundance – bats, birds, even the crowds in some of the shots look laughable.


Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
Three words – Guillermo. Del. Toro. The trailer lulls you into thinking it will just be a short tv spot that offers nothing. Then comes the snappily edited action. I actually didn’t watch parts of it – yes coward – but my overactive imagination will thank me later!


Leigh Whannell and James Wan know horror. The first Saw, c’mon that was fantastic! The sequels have lost the run of themselves and just sank into the gore-drenched horror genre, but that first film – perfect. And Dead Silence… Puppets *shudder* It was tremendous and terrifying. I watched it as early in the day as I could, hoping I’d have time to let it sink in before dark. I think that actually worked for me but, yeah, puppets… Anyhow, their latest offering looks to be just as spooksome, and that metronomein the trailer really gets the goosebumps bumping.


Scream 4
Scream is one of my all time favourite movies, horror or otherwise. They definitely lost that fire at the trilogy progressed, but now the embers have been relit with the fourth instalment. I’m happy to see from the trailers that it doesn’t look terrible. In fact, I may just enjoy it. Huzzah! And the cameos and actors I that like just keep popping up throughout the trailer. I wonder if there’ll be any familiar faces making an appearance, except for Ghostface, of course.  


I really like this. At least, I hope I am going to really like this. At the very beginning I thought it would be some yucky autopsy movie but, thank Joss, it ain’t. The cast agrees with me – Ricci, Long and Neeson – and the story seems interesting. Long should do more horror, and more everything really. I loved him in Drag Me To Hell and though this is a lot less with the comedy, it looks to be a treat and he should deliver. Ricci is no stranger to horror and shouldn’t disappoint. And Neeson’s Neeson, good or bad.


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