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Win a Kindle with Donna Grant’s Latest Release!

29 Apr

Hey folks, after next Friday le bloggie will have a little more life breathed back into it once again! The next week-ish will be crazy and I’ll soon be bombarding my own site with links to all the shenanigans I’ve been up to!! But for now I have something shiny to share – a *virtual* book launch and giveaway. No, not mine but Donna Grant’s over on Bitten By Books!

So, Donna’s releasing her latest offering from the Dark Swords series, Untamed Highlander!

In celebration of this, Bitten By Books is hosting a giveaway. A Kindle giveaway!

*pause for ooohing*

So, Donna wants to know…

What are your favorite type of heroes to read about?

Answering her that question is only one of the many ways to earn yourself some bonus points and a competition entry!

So, click on the photo in this post to be whisked away to Bitten By Books to support Donna Grant, and full details on how to win this nifty prize!

Donna’s twitter | site | blog | facebook


Handful of News

20 Feb

This post has a lot of visual treats for your face, much like my recent artist profiles, and some tantalising tunes for your ears. Excited?.. Shall we start, then?

Bitter Ruin

This pair should be newsworthy everyday, but today I have a specific reason to fawn over them. Do I hear a new song? I think I do! Galloping ferociously into a place in my favourite songs list comes Leather For Hell. Listen, enjoy over and over again, go show your support. Follow, like and be sure to give the rest of their music some attention if you like what you’ve heard.


Again, this group of talented guys and gals deserve to be the topic of much discussion whenever talking about good music. “Good” doesn’t seem like a strong enough word, but I’m really emphasising it. Good. Anyhow, these lovely folks have released a stunning new video for one of my favourite songs of theirs, Rosary. It’s beautiful, moving and just plain messy. I’ll repeat myself once more (but not the last time) – follow, like, listen, support.

Dead Island

Now, zombie videogames are a dime a dozen, with news of more and more popping up daily. Their popularity has spread, very much like a disease, since the release of Resident Evil, and even before. A lot of their premises follow the same old tired story, often involving genetic experimentation, secret government organisations, or  all three rolled into one. But the new game, Dead Island, certainly holds its own in standing apart from the rest. The trailer alone is enough to send a shiver up your spine as well as making your trigger finger twitch in anticipation of getting your hands on a copy. It’s harrowing, scary and exciting. I don’t know if I’ll be able for this one…

Oz, the Great & Powerful

Okay, I’m not one for my cherished childhood memories to be rewritten by current Hollywood execs with little or no imagination left rattling around their noggin… Buuuuuut when you have Mila Kunis and James Franco on board for a prequel to The Wizard of Oz with Sam Raimi at the helm, it does make it that bit harder to fight against the idea!

Ah, redemption!

Firefly news is always a cause for much joy! Word that The Science Channel had gotten the rights to air Firefly again, start to premature finish, spread through the internet like wild fire….fly. Sorry. This gives us Browncoats new hope to cling onto, and we’re grasping it with a grip even the Vulcans would envy! Accompanying this announcement was a short and sweet interview with the Cap’n himself, Nathan Fillion, over on EW. It’s funny that my plans for a lottery win are the same as Fillions. Huh.

Just A Few Things

9 Feb

Nerdy Girls Need Love Too
No, I haven’t gone desperate and pimped out my blog for dates, bypassing online dating sites all together. This is the title of Amy Lee Radigan‘s sensational ode to geeky gals worldwide. No matter how many Doctors we wish and dream we could make an appointment with, all we really want is some nerdy love. Download the track here, and you can also like or follow her – whichever akes your fancy.



Wayne Simmons

Flu season may be coming to a close, I think – I’m just guessing here – but it’s not too late for you to get good kind of Flu. This one comes in the form of words.. Horrifying words but even so. I’m talking here about Wayne Simmons‘ books. Joining Flu in his apoc-shock collection is Drop Dead Gorgeous . Both are available, and are doing quite well I might add, on amazon.



Geek Girl Con

I am shocked I haven’t written anything about this before since I’ve been hearing about it since it’s early infancy!! There’s so much I could, should and probably will at a later date say, but for now I will bombard you with links and urges for you to check it out, get involved and , if you’re lucky enough, go!  So, there’s the mighty spiffy site, the oh so tweety twitter account, the hub’o’fun facebook and now you can even sport your geek girl pride in clothing form!! Also, this month they’re encouraging folks to donate blood for Women In Horror Month, another site you need to put your eyes to!


Save Publishing

Just a quick word about this project. Books are just fantastic and we need to ensure that they stay around for the future to enjoy. Not only that, but we need to cherish them more in the present. Save Publishing is asking people to read just 10 minutes a night, right before bed so you’ll be relaxed and all tuckered out. Doesn’t sound too hard now, does it? There’s a facebook too for your entertainment and some extra information.

This ties in perfectly with this next piece of really exciting news. So, the almighty Nathan Fillion’s birthday is fast approaching and to celebrate this, as well as making the world a little bit of a better place, Nathan Fillion Fans have organised one heck of a project. Donate to Kids Need To Read, the great charity Nathan co-founded, and be in with a chance of winning some fabulous prizes. As well as that, you can submit a page to add to the birthday scrapbook they’re putting together. Seriously, how shiny is that? Details can be found here.

Birdeatsbaby US Tour

Ok, anyone who knows me knows how I feel about this band. They’re a wonderful bunch of people and they’re about to hit the US in just two weeks. Go to see them play – buy an extra ticket and drag a friend! Help them out, give them a place to stay, feed them. Just look after them and make it a great experience. You won’t be disappointed!

FEB 24 — Montpelier, VT @ Charlie O’s

FEB 25 — Boston, MA @ The Lilypad

FEB 26 — New York City @ Parkside Lounge

FEB 27 — Dunellen, NJ @ Roxy and Dukes

Linkage – website, facebook, twitter, youtube.

@IndywoodFILMS 72-hour Tweetathon!

18 Oct

By now, any self respecting movie fan must be growing weary of movies that are, well, just plain bad. Every year Hollywood releases an onslaught of “high octane techo thrillers”, a barrage of “touching romances” and a healthy dose of “heart-stopping horrors”.

Now, if we’re honest, how many of these deliver what they promise?

Not too many. And yet we continue to feed the already bloated and big-headed film industry that hasn’t done all that much for us lately. Sure, we get a few gems, and there are quite a few flicks that are watchable but I wouldn’t want in my collection (and if you’ve seen my collection, that’s saying something!).

Why do so many still flock to the cinema to see something that we know will be awful, but “good for a laugh”? On a few occasions I’ve done this..and the films didn’t even offer a chuckle or two. And these were comedies for crying out loud! A lot of people, not just the big wigs with all the cash, are a little wary about independent movies. The general feeling ‘independent’ gives off is either that of some bad film college short or pretentious artsy pieces of cinema that only the oh-so-cool-but-not-cool-at-all get, or at least let on to. 

But no, that is not the be all and end all of independent movie-making. There are original thinkers with fresh new ideas and an energy and enthusiasm that’s since left many of today’s Academy Award nominees. They deserve a chance, for someone to believe in their project and take a risk. Sadly, this doesn’t happen enough but these driven folk aren’t going to back down. One such independent filmmaker is Anthony Lane, or AD Lane.

He will be doing a completely crazy 72 hour tweetathon starting tomorrow (Oct 19th)! That’s three days of solid tweeting!

Why, you may be asking. Fair question. Well, he’ll be undertaking this insane mission to raise money and awareness for his debut horror film Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead – which has Zach Galligan attached. Are y’all telling me you don’t wanna see this movie based on that alone!?

It’s already receiving support from heavies, like  Oscar Nominated Ken Russell, Hollywood actor Kevin Pollack, talk show host Jonathan Ross & Hollywood Special FX make up artist & actor (and not-so-guilty pleasure dreamboat of mine)  Tom Savini!

You know you wanna be half as cool as the people on that list. Or at least cool by association.

– – – – – – – – –

So, you know where you have to be (or at least for some of the time)..


Tuesday – October 19 – Midnight

For 3 full days!

– – – – – – – –

And if you ‘re planning on making a contribution towards this great project, you can donate by going to

There’s an option of giving what you can, or a pre-order producer package (cue, “ooooh!”

If you can’t give anything, donate some of your time. Follow him on twitter, send him a tweet of encouragement ..or just watch him slowly lose his mind via the webcam. You can also join the Indywood Films mailing list; you’ll be in the know and will be entered into monthly prize draws! (another “ooooh!”) The choice is yours!

And don’t forget to spread the word!


Alrighty, well.. the countdown is on….

God speed, Anthony!

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