Artist #9: Bec

22 Feb

Stencil maker, photographer and an artist incredibly capable of tricking the eye into thinking one of her drawings is a photograph, Bec is an artistic triple threat! Her deviantART is full of unbelievable renderings of Amanda Palmer & The Dresden Dolls, Tegan & Sara and Radiohead. As well as that, she’s taken some great photos and knows her way around a stencil. And these stencils are painstakingly made, just check out the one below… you’ll know the one.

– – – – –



What first interested you in art?

Being able to create things that are limited only by my skills and imagination.


Did you get much encouragement to continue or make a career out of it?

Not so much from my family, but definitely from friends and people who see my artwork online.



Have you studied art or are you self taught? Do you have any plans to study it?
Self taught. I’ve considered studying art many times in the past few years, but I’m happy with the career pathway I’ve chosen for now and any study I do would be for my own personal interest/as a pastime.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
The many amazing photo-realistic artists whose work I’ve seen online. I feel like they help to push me and improve my skills because they give me something to strive towards.

Who are some of your favourite artists?
Alyssa Monks, Banksy, Andy Warhol… and all of the people I follow on deviantArt.

What are your hopes for your artwork? Do you see it in your future as a career or just a hobby?
I hope to just continue making art as a hobby, maybe taking a few commissions. Perhaps one day when I’m sick of working in science I’ll make the switch and focus more on my art.

Which of your pieces are you most proud of?
My ‘Brisbane City’ stencil, mostly because of how long it took to create. I never thought I’d finish it.

How would you describe your style?
I’m not sure, maybe photo-realism. Whether I’m drawing or stenciling, everything I do is based off a source photo with the intention of creating something that’s very close to or resembles the original.

What made you focus more on your focused area more than another?
Doing a sketch based off a photo was the first thing I did in a high school art class that really impressed my teacher, who convinced me I had a skill that I should practice.

What’s your favourite medium to work in?
Graphite pencils.

Are you working on anything at the moment?
I have a stencil that I’ve slowly been working on for months, and I just finished a sketch today.

What drew you to the themes or people you base a lot of your work on?
Music. Almost everything I draw/stencil is based on a musician.

Can you give me an idea of your creative process?
For my sketches, I usually search for a photo that has interesting textures and contrasts, then start penciling in the main outlines and shapes to get the proportions right, and then go back and fill in the detail. I constantly re-do and alter minute details until I’m happy with how it looks. For my stencils, I usually select multiple photos and edit them in Photoshop to see which would work best as a stencil, then design and print out the layers, cut them out and spray them.


2 Responses to “Artist #9: Bec”

  1. Bianca February 22, 2011 at 2:59 pm #

    She is SO good!

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