Handful of News

20 Feb

This post has a lot of visual treats for your face, much like my recent artist profiles, and some tantalising tunes for your ears. Excited?.. Shall we start, then?

Bitter Ruin

This pair should be newsworthy everyday, but today I have a specific reason to fawn over them. Do I hear a new song? I think I do! Galloping ferociously into a place in my favourite songs list comes Leather For Hell. Listen, enjoy over and over again, go show your support. Follow, like and be sure to give the rest of their music some attention if you like what you’ve heard.


Again, this group of talented guys and gals deserve to be the topic of much discussion whenever talking about good music. “Good” doesn’t seem like a strong enough word, but I’m really emphasising it. Good. Anyhow, these lovely folks have released a stunning new video for one of my favourite songs of theirs, Rosary. It’s beautiful, moving and just plain messy. I’ll repeat myself once more (but not the last time) – follow, like, listen, support.

Dead Island

Now, zombie videogames are a dime a dozen, with news of more and more popping up daily. Their popularity has spread, very much like a disease, since the release of Resident Evil, and even before. A lot of their premises follow the same old tired story, often involving genetic experimentation, secret government organisations, or  all three rolled into one. But the new game, Dead Island, certainly holds its own in standing apart from the rest. The trailer alone is enough to send a shiver up your spine as well as making your trigger finger twitch in anticipation of getting your hands on a copy. It’s harrowing, scary and exciting. I don’t know if I’ll be able for this one…

Oz, the Great & Powerful

Okay, I’m not one for my cherished childhood memories to be rewritten by current Hollywood execs with little or no imagination left rattling around their noggin… Buuuuuut when you have Mila Kunis and James Franco on board for a prequel to The Wizard of Oz with Sam Raimi at the helm, it does make it that bit harder to fight against the idea!

Ah, redemption!

Firefly news is always a cause for much joy! Word that The Science Channel had gotten the rights to air Firefly again, start to premature finish, spread through the internet like wild fire….fly. Sorry. This gives us Browncoats new hope to cling onto, and we’re grasping it with a grip even the Vulcans would envy! Accompanying this announcement was a short and sweet interview with the Cap’n himself, Nathan Fillion, over on EW. It’s funny that my plans for a lottery win are the same as Fillions. Huh.


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