Artist #6: David Desbois

9 Feb

Today’s feature is a short and sweet one with David Desbois. He’s sure made a name for himself with his realistic style character work based on some of the finest movies and television the sci-fi and fantasy worlds have to offer. His detailed and colourful pieces are unmistakably Desbois, with his unique technique of blending watercolour pencil with marker. As well as some fantastic commission work, he’s created collector card sets for shows like The Prisoner,  Stargate Universe and Dexter. Check out his large body of work on his deviantART, it won’t be wasted time.

– – – – – 


What first interested you in art?
I enjoy drawing people and capture their likeness until I’m satisfied.


Did you get much encouragement to continue or make a career out of it?
Sure, it’s actually an alternate path from my ‘regular job’, I worked for Showtime, MGM and Lucasfilm on several licensed projects.


Have you studied art or are you self taught? Do you have any plans to study it?
Had oil painting class when I was younger for about 5 years or so, mostly self taught, technique research and tries..

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Movies and tv shows.

Who are some of your favourite artists?
Tsuyoshi Nagano, Jason Palmer, Terese Nielsen, Jerry Vanderstelt and Yoshitaka Amano.

What are your hopes for your artwork? Do you see it in your future as a career or just a hobby?
I still see it as a part hobby/part career

Which of your pieces are you most proud of?
Hard to say, most of my bigger piece in SW field, Harry Potter recent work, recent Supernatural work..

How would you describe your style?
Stylish color photorealistic.

What made you focus more on that area more than another?
The sketch card industry and allocated license for tv-shows.

What’s your favourite medium to work in?

Are you working on anything at the moment?
Yeah, ‘The Tudors’ with Showtime network.

Can you give me an idea of your creative process?
I see, I draw, simple as that, a lot of observation. I usually start with low value marker and build up and then add details with watercolour pencils and multiliners.

How did you get your career start?
Just like that, always been good in that field.


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