It’s Aliiiiive!

12 Jan

I know, I know, I know… I promised myself, and my poor little bloggie, that I would not abandon or neglect it. Well, clearly that has happened. As with most things I’m falling behind on lately, I blame college.

Christmas did bring two wonderful weeks of doing pretty much nothing. I watched many a movie – so much I could have blogged about and reviewed –  and nommed my way through Criminal Minds from the start and didn’t stop until I hit the soft nougaty centre of season 4. It was only on the last few days that I worked on some stuff for the dreaded NCAD portfolio brief (which I’ll probably be redoing anyhow *much growling and feigned enthusiasm* But I digress…). I figured I earned the break, despite looming deadlines, seeing as how I spent my last midterm locked in my room watching The Faculty, The Omega Man and many other distracting movies while working my fingers to the bone to get a heck of a lot of pieces finished! Ergo, rest.

All of this work-work-working has been the cause of my Houdini act and the spur for much self-disapproving tsk tsks at having left this site untouched by so much as a freshly typed word for quite a few weeks. Well no more, I say! If I can disappear like a pro then surely I can perform some simple juggling… right?

I planned – a while ago now – to feature some great artists on my blog and post a series of interviews and profiles of some of my favourites I’ve come across. There’ll be a variety of styles and fields of art; from comic illustration to tattooing to traditional portraiture. I’ve been meaning to do this for some time and since I have to do an art appreciation module in college, I thought now would be the ideal time so I could mesh the two together. See? Juggling. So look forward to that, hitting your screens very soon!

Alrighty, now I gotta go back to work and planning and yadda yadda yadda. I complain now, but it’ll pay off when I get into an awesome college and get to do all manner of whacky artistic shenanigans! That’s wishful thinking for ya!


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