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10 Oct

So, this is another Sunday night round-up. Unfortunately, there has been no entries between this and last Sunday’s post. But I’m working on it. I hope some of this week’s highlights will make up for that.


Birdeatsbaby released their new EP, Bigger Teeth, today and I can tell you.. it’s frakking awesome! A more eloquent review is coming shortly. They’ll soon be touring Europe so make sure you get to a show if you can!  I’ll just wait patiently in Ireland…

You can listen to and buy the new EP from their bandcamp aswell as their website. Mine should be in the mail soon! 🙂


I should hope you all know what today is.. 10/10/10. Otherwise known as 42 Day (101010 is 42 in Binary). It is, of course, in honour of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and the number 42 being the ultimate answer to life’s meaning. Maybe you discovered something profound today.. or just had fun with all the 00101101101s and #hashtags knocking around twitter. This post should even be published at 10:10!  I’m going all out.


Just when you start to lose faith in Johnny Depp with his exhausting continued collaboration with Tim Burton, he does something to regain our love! This week, Depp visited a school in South London, fresh from the nearby set of Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and in full Captain Jack Sparrow garb. What spurred this? A letter from a little girl asking if he’d help organise a munity in her school. Can you say, “d’awww”?


With a heavy heart, I must mention the passing of Solomon Burke, the “King of Rock and Soul”, who died earlier today in Amsterdam Airport, aged 70.  He was a true legend and one of the greatest vocalists music has known. RIP.


* The title just says “Blog” in Binary. Anything more would have been crazy long with 0s and 1s.


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