Sleepy Sunday Night Roundup

3 Oct

It’s Sunday night and, boy, it’s been a long week! So, here’s a few of the highlights I though I’d share with you.


Okay, this isn’t new but it only occured to me today to google it! So, here’s something delightful for your ears, Seth MacFarlane and his sweet voice crooning out some of Sinatra’s classics.


October 2nd was the birthday of the awesome Danny Smith! Actor, musician, artist and all ’round great guy. You may remember him as the oh-so-loveable Merton from Big Wolf on Campus. More recently, he’s been in Suck, the rockstar vampire flick, which I’m yet to sink my teeth into. In honour of this occasion I bring you ‘Defeated’ by his former band, The City Drive. Man, I miss those guys..


The Social Network has been released and is doing more than well at the boxoffice. It’s been met with mixed reviews but, with all the mock trailers we’ve seen floating about the internet, it may only be the first of it’s kind! Before we tread that scary path, why not see what the Pop Culture Monster thought of the movie.


This week I was lucky enough to see Circa, having scored two free tickets! I wasn’t fully certain of what the show held in store beyong aerial acrobatics.. There was more to it –  as if you’d need more that that! I’ll post a full review of the show during the week, but if you can get to a performance, go!


Finally, Neil Patrick Harris recorded a message of hope to gay youths that are being bullied. It’s part of the It Gets Better project and there are many others releasing videos with uplifting words. They are incredibly moving and I only hope they reach those who need help.



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