Hidden Talents – Singing

24 Sep

Many of our favourite TV stars can do more than act and sometimes get the opportunity to put their other talents to good use. This week I’ll focus on those that showed off singing voices that we were just not expecting. I won’t be including musical episodes – that’s a topic for another day!


We’ll start with one that knocked my nerdy little socks off  just yesterday – Jeri Ryan. I believe she had sang in things before Star Trek: Voyager, but hearing Seven of Nine’s sweet – if too flawless – rendition of You Are My Sunshine is really something else. I had no idea she had such a beautiful voice. It’s made even better by the accompaniment by Ricard Picardo as The Doctor.


Christina Hendricks is already utter perfection – that’s just plain fact – but she can sing too. And play the accordion. Her performance of C’est Magnifique! in season 3 of Mad Men was nothing short of enchanting.

(I’ve been searching for this video for months and it’s finally up! All the more rewarding to watch)


Sadly, Eliza Dushku missed her chance to belt out a power ballad on Buffy, but redemption came in the form of Dollhouse. Her version of the aptly named Freedom is stunning. Eliza definitely broke new ground for herself as an actor in Dollhouse.

(Sorry, best video I could find but the song is fairly clear)


Man, I miss Ally McBeal! It was a great show with weekly singing from some awesome people, and who’s more awesome than Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr.? This one in particular, River, is just wonderful.

Also, high praise for James Marsden and his golden pipes – but I couldn’t find any videos of him on McBeal, so you’ll have to settle for Robert, I suppose.


Rose McGowan has a gorgeous voice, very old Hollywood which suits her down to the ground! Charmed was known for it’s weekly musical appearance at P3 but in this episode it was Paige’s turn to burn up the closing scene with Fever.


Next time I’ll be looking at those stars that can shake a tailfeather!


2 Responses to “Hidden Talents – Singing”

  1. bombintime October 24, 2010 at 5:56 pm #

    really liked this 🙂

    • Sarah Louise October 24, 2010 at 7:44 pm #

      Thank you 🙂
      I should have the dancing one up soon too.

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