Supernatural Frightfest: Top 8

23 Sep

When I settled in for my first day, many of which would follow, of Supernatural I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had only seen an episode or two before that and had hardly paid attention. But I had been given the season one boxset as a present and I’m not one to turn down a gift – especially when it promises otherworldly shenanigans and nommy actors to boot!

Having grown up watching Buffy and Angel, where I was only majorly freaked out every now and then, I didn’t think Supernatural would seep into my subconscious. Yeah, I was wrong. On that first viewing I watched up to ‘Hookman’, I believe. That may have been a tad too much to start with because suddenly my already paranoid midnight trip to the kitchen was worsened by my overactive imagination.  I did not anticipate this reaction from a CW show, home to One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl. It isn’t afraid to scare the audience and push the horror a little further. And there’s some gore and other icky stuff for a healthy balance. That’s where this post comes in. I was pondering the most unnerving episodes of Supernatural and came up with a few of them. So, here’s my top eight (yes, just to be awkward), all uniquely unsettling like weird little snowflakes.

We’ll start off the way I did with the pilot. This was a great opener. It set up the characters and their back story very well while giving us a taste of its creepy potential. The pilot focused on the story of the Woman in White who appears by the roadside asking the unfortunate driver to bring her home. As expected, bad times ensue. Why so spooky? Woman in a white dress appearing by the road, oh, and she flickers! I won’t spoil the ending, but her tale is a sad one and doesn’t end without a chill or two.

Technically, ‘The Benders’ was the very first episode I ever seen. I was at a sleepover, as us gals tend to be, and one or two of the others loved it and followed the show. At that point I had only heard snippets about it and hadn’t given it the time of the day. Anyway, we gathered around the television and watched the crazy hillybilly family hunt and trap their unsuspecting victims – people. I remembered very little of it, except that at one point they were in cages and the twisted brood were one freaky mess of genes. When I watched it again on my first Supernatural marathon I wondered how I’d not paid proper attention to it. It’s one of those Wrong Turn feeling stories where you know the creeps can’t be reasoned with. Plus, people can be the most dangerous of all villains.

‘Everybody Loves A Clown’… No they do not. Most of us loved them when were little but have grown up to see them as pretty terrifying. For me, they will always give me goosebumps having seen Stephen King’s IT at quite a young age. Okay, so not all clowns are raving psycho killers, but the one in this episode is. It uses the children to get into their homes at night and not to entertain with balloon animals! As always, the story isn’t as straight forward as ‘bad clown, clown die now’, but any usage of those greasepainted carnies promises unhappy goings-on.

Foreboding family portraits are used to their fullest in ‘Provenance’ when the brothers are on the trail of a painting that seems to bring a horrific end to all that possess it. The painting alone is mighty creepsome but when the figures start moving around it’s time out for me.

‘Playthings’ has a few of the scare-factor staples. Strange little girl, check. Imaginary friend, check. Seemingly haunted inn, check. Dolls, double check! The boys are on the case but whatever evil force lies behind it all is hard to uncover. You can see from the list above that the options are plenty and, my God, are they eerie.

From my experience, in shows such as this saying ‘The Kids Are Alright’ is almost always a lie. Supernatural features its fair share or strange and menacing little children but this one takes the cake. Dean goes to visit an ex-girlfriend only to be met by her eight year old son, who bears a resemblance to our Mr. Winchester. So, of course, when he goes missing, just as other kids in the town have been, the brothers stop at nothing to save him. Now for the scary part – yep, you guessed it – something’s not quite right with the children. Certain clips of those freaky little ‘uns will certainly stay in your head for a while…

In ‘Family Remains’, Sam and Dean investigate stories of a ghostly appearance of a girl in an abandoned house. This is one of those great episodes where all is not what it seems. Of course, the true plot is unclear in most of the stories but this one has a doosey of a twist. And a horrifying one at that.

‘Bloody Mary’. This legend has been utilised in countless movies and television shows. We know it. It’s creepy as hell. And, like all great horror stories, it makes us uncomfortable about doing everyday things like looking in a mirror. This episode was one of the show’s firsts and scared the ever-loving out of me. I had to cover my eyes at several points. I’m not going to get into it too much, just watch it… or, y’know, don’t.


And there you have it. I tiptoed around spoilers in hopes that you might check out Supernatural for yourself. Granted, it’s gotten less so about the weekly weirdos and focuses more on the Heaven and Hell struggle, but the old episodes are definitely worth a watch. Some deserve repeated viewings, in fact.  Just be cautious when you cuddle up alone on some rainy night that you’re ready to face the things that go bump in the Winchesters’ world.


2 Responses to “Supernatural Frightfest: Top 8”

  1. Róisín! September 23, 2010 at 7:59 pm #

    I really loved Supernatural, the first few seasons anyway. I especially loved the ones where there was a recurring joke, it can sometimes be really funny. Like the one where Dean is scared to death. Sooo funny.

    • Sarah Louise September 23, 2010 at 9:06 pm #

      The early seasons were the best indeed! The funnier episodes or the throwaway ones were great, but they really started relying on them too much later on. And a scared Dean is always good! Haha 😀

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