Hollywood Music Videos – A round-up

22 Sep

Actors act. Music videos often tell stories wherein people act out the parts. It was pretty obvious the two worlds were going to collide from day one. There have been so many cameos as well as more integral, movie-like characters played by some of the biggest names in Hollywood. I could have listed more but that way madness lies, so here’s a few choice picks.

Before we get started, my first video would have been Breaking Bells’ The Ghost Inside with the uber fantastic Christina Hendricks, but I can’t for the life of me find the video again! If you find it, watch, enjoy and for the love of Joss, link me up! 🙂


Fall Out BoyThis Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race

We’ll start the ball rolling with a delightful cameo from Seth Green & Michelle Trachtenberg.


Elton JohnI Want Love

The perfect video for any Robert Downey Jr. fan. Plus it’s a good song.


Green DayWake Me Up When September Ends

Oh, God, I remember crying so much the first time I watched this. Jamie Bell & Evan Rachel Wood star as the young lovers.


DidoWhite Flag

A lovely video of Dido stalking David Boreanaz. Or is she? (Yes, she is).



Korn score major point for having one of the coolest cameos, Carel ‘Lurch’ Struycken.


FergieBig Girls Don’t Cry

This video is played muchly by me for the Milo Ventimiglia goodness. Once she leaves, just stop watching – he’s not in it again and the song is played a second time. Oy!


Britney SpearsEverytime

Yes, a Britney video. But it’s worth it for Stephen Dorff.


Michael JacksonRemember The Time

Michael Jackson videos were just the best around, and known for all their spiffy cameos. This is one of my favourites with Eddie Murphy.


Enrique InglesiasHero

You will all most likely know this one since it was played to death! It’s still good to watch for Jennifer Love Hewitt & Mickey Rourke though.



Oh, how I wanted to be Alicia Silverstone when I was growing up…


Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersInto The Great Wide Open

Very good video and song, heavy on the Johnny Depp.


Stone Temple PilotsSour Girl

We had Angel, now it’s Buffy’s turn. The video would have been perfect with Weiland and Sarah Michelle Gellar, but the freaky teletubbies….?


Limp BizkitEat You Alive

I almost forgot about this one. Thora Birch is kinda crazy as usual, but I love her. I fell into the Pullman-Paxton trap.. Someone wrongly stated that it has Bill Pullman, but it’s Paxton. Disappointing for me, but there’s still Thora.


P. Diddy & Notorious B.I.GVictory

One of those ‘could be a movie’ music videos with Danny DeVito & Dennis Hopper (RIP).


Fatboy SlimWeapon Of Choice

How could I finish this roundup with anything other than Christopher Walken being seven kinds of awesome!


Any of your favourites I skipped over?


Updated to include..

Udo Kier, Bridgette Nielsen & Shannyn Sossamon in Korn‘s Make Me Bad. How on Earth did I let that one get away from me!


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