19 Sep

Ahoy, there matey! I take it ye be knowing what day be today – Talk Like A Pirate Day a’course. All ye landlubbers can play Buccaneer and talk like a real pirate! If ye be needing any help, I’ve pillaged the briney deep for the best of the lot.

Blackbeard the Pirate
Maynard, lookin’ for a reward, poses as ship’s surgeon t’see whether Morgan is still servin’ under ol’ Blackbeard. Then there be Edwina Mansfield on board. I don’t believe she be a damsel in distress, though.

Buccaneer’s Girl
For all ye wenches, here’s one for you. Do-gooder pirate, Baptiste, only takes his loot from the ships of Narbonne, a rich and evil trader. Part of his takings be Debbie, a stowaway who a’course falls for him. This tale is set on the seas and back on land in New Orleans.

A High Wind in Jamaica
Some little ones are mistakenly taken when a ship bringing the children to the safety of England is boarded by pirates. One of the scamps even becomes close with the cap’n., Chavez. The crew aren’t so happy with the set up but tragedy stops them unloading the brats.

The Island
Modern day pirates are nothing next to the traditional corsairs but still pirates. A reporter sets out to see why so many vacation boats have disappeared in the Caribbean. They don’t dispose of him, instead they let him join their wiry crew.

Muppet Treasure Island
Aye, this tale be a fierce one set on the high seas. Songs, dancing, doubloons and muppets. It may not be what Robert Louis Stevenson had in mind, but it’s a classic. Kermit the Frog and his crew fare against a band of ruthless pirates. It also has one of me own favourites, Long John Silver.

Mutiny on the Bounty
A Midshipman, Roger, joins the HMS Bounty for a voyage to Tahiti, where the Cap’n. turns out to be a brutal tyrant. After six months at their destination, crewman Christian organises a mutiny that Roger wants no part of. That’s a good lad.

Peter Pan (1953)
The story of the boy that never grew up and his adventures in Neverland. Peter and his cast of runaways are always battling against the wicked Captain Hook. Even me black pirate heart is touched by this one.

Pirates of the Caribbean
The series that brought pirates back to the big screen. High-flyin’, explosive action and ghostly crews all the way from Davey Jones’ locker. And who could resist Jack Sparrow, the loveable drunk. 

Pirates of Penzance  (1983)
Based on Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic operetta, this yarn follows Frederick, the Pirate King and the not so typically brutal leader of the Pirates of Penzance. Bein’ who he is, trouble abounds when he falls in love with the sweet Mabel. This one is filled with chanteys and dancing t’keep ye entertained. 

A funny one. Yellowbeard is freed from prison just so he’ll lead those in power to his treasure – the scurvy lot! An adventure follows with parties from all over racing to get the loot. The cast alone makes it worth coming in to port to see.

The Princess Bride
Heroes. Giants. Villains. Wizards. True Love. – Not just your basic, average, everyday, ordinary, run-of-the-mill, ho-hum fairy tale. Throw in pirates, magic, epic battles, revenge and everythin’ that makes a great story. This’ll be found at the top of any good movie list.

Treasure Island  (1950)
The most famous of all seafaring tales, and this ol’ Disney film is sure t’lift yer spirits.

And for ye lookin’ to learn a few things, there’s the documentaries Pirates: Passion and Plunder and True Caribbean Pirates.

Now, go spread the pirate word or ye’ll be walkin’ the plank at the end of me cutlass!


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