5 Aug

I feel that it’s my duty to help spread the word and music of Bitter Ruin. Before I go off gushing, here’s the backstory of these loverly folks:

(c) Joseph Shepherd

This bitter duo is made up of Georgia Train, an unbelievably talented singer and songwriter, and Ben Richards, a magician with a guitar – as well as doing more than holding his own on the singer-songwriter front. They are from the UK and to give you an idea of their style, the following’s cited as influences: Regina Spektor, Kate Bush, Beethoven, Chopin, The Talking Heads, Van Morrison, Tegan and Sara, Queen, Fiona Apple, Tori Amos, Flamenco and Mozart.

This mixture makes for explosive and dramatic music. Sometimes it’s heartbreaking, at others rousing. Listening to one of their albums really takes you on a journey through torrid romances, tales of haunting sorrow and unflinching plots of revenge.

Having been taken under the wing of brechtian punk goddess Amanda Palmer they travelled to Ireland and Paris to play to entranced audiences. No exaggeration, when I heard their opening song, I was floored!

They’re just that good. And now they’re marching further on in the world tour. In the coming months, they’ll be hitting Boston, New York, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia, Holland, Germany, Austria, France and more to be announced.

So, go get a ticket! Get a spare and bring a friend. Spread the word, link people to their music and videos, folow them on twitter, add them on facebook or myspace!

Also, I feel like I need to add that in addition to their music being some of the best I’ve heard – period – they are absolutely lovely people! They hang around after their shows and talk to everyone as well as being in touch with their listeners online. They really care about their fans, so make their day and yours and go check them out.

Introduce just a little bitterness into your life.



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